... It's time to dance.

Setting Up the Steady Cam

On a personal note, I attach the camera to the cage with the base screw then attach the camera and cage to the quick release plate at the top of the grip. Moving down to the stalk of the grip, I attach the monitor to the front side using one of the magic arms restrained by a clip. Consequently, I use some weights to counter balance on the backside.


I attach the follow focus and matte box to the set up using a pair of rods attached to the grip neck.


Finally, I attach the shotgun microphone and light using the magic arms with a pair of hot shoe adaptors. The magic arms give you the leverage in balancing the grip before you start shooting.


It is necessary to note that the external monitor should be connected to your dslr through an hdmi cable. I slot in batteries and media storage. That’s assembly in a nut shell.

Balancing the Steady Cam

Next you balance the grip and all its accessories, if properly balanced you’ll need very little effort to support the grip while shooting. The idea is to ensure that the grip’s weights are perfectly counterbalanced so that there are no tilts or slants and even if the grip is forcefully oscillated balanced so that there are no tilts or slants and even if the grip is forcefully oscillated it  will come back to it’s state of vertical equilibrium. Just make sure that it’s slightly bottom heavy to ensure graceful movement.


This is called static and dynamic equilibrium.


Putting it on

After testing the grip for perfect balance, you can now put on the vest, strap it tightly and lock. Adjust the arm support to a comfortable height and fix the arm. The grip is held securely by the arm. Make sure everything is firmly secure and comfortable.


You are now ready to dance.