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Services We Provide

Creative Conceptions

We capture our clients interest and influence an emotional response to inspire them to take action.

Shooting & Editing

With our top notch equipment, we engage in the pivotal process where we capture the key visual and audio elements of films and ensure a clean scene to scene cuts in post production to suite the interest of our clients.


We enjoy showcasing real-life stories and experiences. From location shots to detailed interviews as well as dramatic time lapses, we create an honest picture of someone's world.

Script Writing

The whole essence of screenplay is to provide a structure for a story, a structure that will not only ensure that the story is well told, but also ensure maximum entertainment. We offer nothing less than transforming story ideas into powerful screenplay.


Over the course of several years, we have told deep rooted African stories. We continue to recreate our world from different perspectives, creating content, learning more about who we are there by celebrating the sustained expression of our culture.

Music Videos

Backing up powerful sounds with compelling visuals creates a memorable experience for our viewers. Our musical videos are designed to uplift and inspire, striking strong emotions chords.